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rhiannonmai's Journal

By way of introduction.....Y'teh, Hello, Good morrow and well met!

I think of myself as 'a work in progress'. Always changing. Always learning. And with any luck, evolving.
I used to be a nice Catholic girl, but I got over it. Somehow I just wasn't cut out for sainthood. The image of God that I was being fed was of an angry white man sitting in the clouds making a tally of all my 'sins'. I had been told over and over that I was going to Hell anyway for having the audacity of being born female.
(Pissing people off from the day I was born. Just doing my job, m'am.)

I'm calling myself RhiannonMai in this incarnation.
Rhiannon. Because... Well, I didn't just pull that one off a record album. If you happen to know the tune. The name felt comfortable when I tried it on. There are many great legends behind Rhiannon. Among them, she is believed to be the famous Lady of the Lake who, in the legends of Camelot, gave Arthur the magical sword called Excalibur.
And Mai. In Japanese it means brightness. Mai in one of the Native American languages (Algonquin, Iroquois?) means Coyote. Bright Coyote....Hmm. I like it! And I prefer the true image of coyote as a catalyst that provokes significant change. The teacher with a wicked sense of humor. Rather than the mangy, lazy, flea bitten opportunist image that's been portrayed for far too long now.
I had a familiar when I was a child. Before I knew what a familiar was. She was half coyote and half German Shepard. Shawna. I still think of her to this day.

*I'm still working on this.* ;>

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"That what does not kill us makes us stronger" I survived childhood in the '70's with 3 older siblings born to people who had absolutely no business being parents. I can manipulate and deceive with the best of them, but chose not to. I believe what "you sow is what reap". Living really is the best revenge, and you have to make your own happiness.
Strengths: Curiosity, Interest in the world, Integrity, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Discretion, Caution, Gratitude, Spirituality,
Weaknesses: Chocolate!, trusting people who haven't proven they're worthy of trust. Stubborn, short fuse when it comes to stupid people.
Special Skills: Patients, endurance, art, finding rare antique jewelry, finding things/places people have forgotten, knowing when to let go,
Weapons: Finding the betrayers weak spot and twisting the knife when they least expect it to happen.
Tenacious : E=MC2

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